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What motivated the hanging of a pig's head at Israeli NGO director's door?

Police investigate threats against Israeli NGO director


In a shocking turn of events, Friendship Circle Cyprus, an Israeli NGO, has brought forth serious allegations of intimidation against members of the Jewish Community in Cyprus.

According to a report on Sigmalive, the incident, which unfolded between the evening of November 15 and 16, involved the hanging of a dead pig's head on the door of Paul Goldberg, the director of Friendship Circle Cyprus.

Accompanying this grotesque act was a threatening letter that not only added a layer of horror but also carried a sinister ultimatum.

The letter explicitly stated, "In 48 hours if you are still in Cyprus, the next head on the door will be yours." This alarming threat has cast a dark shadow over the director's involvement in supporting the Palestinians through the Friendship Circle Cyprus organization.

As the investigation deepens, it becomes apparent that this unsettling incident has a political undertone. The targeted director's affiliation with Palestinian causes through the NGO appears to have sparked this shocking act of intimidation.

Sources within law enforcement reveal that several individuals, suspected to be associated with the Jewish Community, have passed through the doors of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) without any immediate breakthroughs.

The complexity of this situation raises questions about potential tensions within the community, highlighting the need for a thorough examination of the underlying factors contributing to such acts of intimidation.

The evolving nature of the investigation demands careful scrutiny to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the motivations behind this disturbing incident.

As Friendship Circle Cyprus continues to advocate for their cause, the wider community watches closely, hoping for resolution and a renewed commitment to peaceful coexistence.

[With information sourced from Sigmalive]

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