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European Ministers support Cyprus' migration initiative on Syria

Danish and Czech Officials back Cyprus' proposal for joint efforts and fact-finding mission in Syria

Newsroom / CNA

Danish Immigration Minister Kaare Dybvad Bek and Czech Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Vít Rakušan have expressed support for the proposal by Cyprus Interior Minister Konstantinos Ioannou to establish a group involving European Member States to address the external dimension of migration, particularly focusing on Syria.

Ioannou held discussions with his counterparts from Denmark and the Czech Republic during visits to EU member states to advocate for Cyprus's initiative and coordinate efforts to reassess the situation in specific areas of Syria.

Despite recent arrivals, Cyprus maintains a positive rate of returns compared to arrivals, Ioannou highlighted, underscoring the ongoing migration challenges faced by Eastern Mediterranean states.

The Danish and Czech Ministers acknowledged the necessity for a swift procedure for the return of Syrian nationals, emphasizing the importance of solidarity among all EU states, especially towards countries like Cyprus facing significant migration pressure.

Ioannou presented Cyprus's initiative for reevaluating the status of certain areas in Syria, emphasizing the need to establish criteria for examining Syrian asylum applications and facilitating rejections for those who do not meet specific criteria.

Both Danish and Czech Ministers agreed to Cyprus's proposal to verify factual conditions on the ground in Syria, paving the way for potential returns under strict conditions. They endorsed the idea of a joint Cyprus-Czech Republic mission to Syria to gather essential data for designating safe areas.

Ioannou advocated for the creation of a group involving European member states to address the external dimension of migration, with a focus on Syria, aiming to draft an official joint document for submission to the European Commission. Both Danish and Czech Ministers supported this proposal.

Ioannou's migration-related engagements will conclude with a meeting in Athens with the Greek Minister of Migration and Asylum Dimitris Kairidis.


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