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EU's new migration pact gains Cyprus approval

Cyprus cheers 'excellent step' in new migration pact despite hurdles

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The new Migration and Asylum Pact, the European Parliament approved on Wednesday, is “an important step” Cyprus’ Interior Ministry says in a statement, released on Thursday.

Despite the fact that voluntary resettlements are not an “ideal decision” for the Republic of Cyprus, this does not change the fact that the pact is an “excellent step” particularly for front line countries that face disproportionate pressures, the Ministry adds.

The legislative packet provides the tools to member states to implement more efficient policies to manage migration and comprises, mainly, a practical application of solidarity, as a fundamental principle of the Union, the Ministry announcement goes on.

“The Cyprus government, through its approach on migration, has implemented a series of measures during the last year, which resulted in reduced arrivals and increased returns of migrants. Moreover, through targeted moves that have been made, the time to examine asylum applications has been reduced to a maximum of three months, while the effort is now concentrating on further shortening the time to deliver a judgement within 30 days” it is noted.

On Wednesday, shortly after the vote in the EP, Interior Minister Konstantinos Ioannou called the new Migration and Asylum Pact as a step "in the right direction."

In a post on X platform, the Minister noted however that Nicosia's request persists for the resettlement of asylum seekers from third countries on a mandatory and not a voluntary basis.

"The Pact is in the right direction, since the solidarity among member states is acknowledged, but our request persists that resettlement of asylum seekers is mandatory and not a voluntary one" the Minister said.

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