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Worker bleeds to death in glass factory accident

Man in Larnaca dies in front of his brother during attempt to move oversized glass panel


An employee at a glass factory in Larnaca was killed in a work accident on Thursday, after he was fatally wounded by an oversized glass pane that shattered as it was being moved.

Police said they were investigating a work fatality in the Aradippou industrial area in Larnaca, where 57-year-old Stavros Ioakim died on Thursday morning when he was crushed by a large sheet of glass.

Under circumstances still pending investigation, the panel shuttered and glass crashed down on Ioakim, causing him to bleed to death

Ioakim, described as a Greek Cypriot from Dali, Nicosia district, was working with his brother at the Aradippou site when the two siblings attempted to move an oversized pane of glass on Thursday morning around 9:45am.

During the attempt, under circumstances still pending investigation, the panel shuttered, with glass crashing down on Ioakim and causing him to bleed to death.

The worker was rushed to the Emergency Room at Larnaca General Hospital where doctors pronounced him dead on arrival.

Police said officers from the petty crime unit were carrying out an investigation, while media reports said labor department officials also went to inspect the site.

The factory was described as a local business with ten years in operation that manufactures and installs glass.

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