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Female duo allegedly robbed community fund

Limassol council woman and community volunteer suspected of embezzling €120,000 over five years


Two women have been arrested in Limassol after €120,000 went missing at a local community over the course of five years.

According to police, two women aged 41 and 71 were detained by Limassol officers on Thursday, in connection with suspected embezzlement of funds in Agios Athanasios.

Media reports described the two suspects as Greek Cypriot women, with one being a local council employee at the time in acting as a cashier and the other a community volunteer.

The two women are suspected of cooking the books and pocketing a total of €120,000 from a social fund in their local community

The two women are being suspected of cooking the books and pocketing a total of €120,000 from a social fund in their local community, including a children's fund.

Money reportedly was coming in from cash contributions between December 2013 and December 2018, along with revenue from events and tuition and fees during that timeframe.

The complaint was filed by the municipality officials in Agios Athanasios, while the suspects are facing multiple charges including conspiracy to commit a felony, theft, altering official records, and cover up.

The two women, who denied any wrongdoing during their arrest, were remanded in custody by a Limassol judge on Friday for eight days.

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