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Ferocious winds wreak havoc in Paphos

Fire caused by shorted storefront sign, cypress tree toppled near power lines


Strong winds in Paphos caused problems with power lines and toppled trees on Wednesday, while a number of roads remained closed due to weather conditions.

According to Cyprus News Agency (CNA), the Fire Services department responded to a call after midnight where a storefront sign caught fire outside a bank on Andrea Tsielepou street.

Officials later said the fire was caused when the wiring of the sign was shorted out. It was not clear whether airborne debris played any role in causing a short circuit, but CNA quoted sources saying the fire was a direct result of strong winds.

Later on Thursday morning, around 6:15am, a cypress tree near power lines was toppled due to strong winds, with fire fighters rushing to the scene to address traffic problems.

Police said several roads remained closed due to raging waters and overflowing rivers in previous days.

Drivers are asked to keep low speeds and keep safe distances from other vehicles. Officials also remind drivers that road conditions keep changing and they should seek to get the latest information at all times.


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