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Ferrari: From iconic red to radical blue?

Ferrari shifts gears in bold color move at Miami Grand Prix


Ferrari enthusiasts are in for a visual treat as the renowned racing team gears up to trade its iconic red livery for a vibrant blue design at the upcoming Miami Grand Prix. This bold move, marking Ferrari's 70th anniversary in North America, will see the Scuderia cars adorned in two distinct shades of blue - Azzurro La Plata and Azzurro Dino. Azzurro La Plata, reminiscent of Argentina's national flag, is a nod to the legendary Alberto Ascari, Ferrari's first Formula One world champion, who sported a similar hue during his title-winning campaigns in 1952 and 1953.

The departure from the traditional red is a rare occurrence for Ferrari, with the last instance dating back to 1964 when John Surtees clinched the championship in a blue and white livery. This unique color scheme change aims to pay homage to historic moments in Ferrari's racing legacy, invoking nostalgia among fans. The special one-off livery, set to be unveiled in Florida, is poised to captivate audiences and spark conversations about Ferrari's enduring influence on motorsport culture. This bold departure from convention underscores Ferrari's commitment to innovation and its willingness to embrace new horizons while honoring its rich heritage.

[Information from Daily Mail UK]

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