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Horse covered in blood bolts through Central London

London's streets in turmoil: Horse escapes training, injures five


Central London was thrown into chaos today as a horse, spooked during a routine training exercise, bolted through the streets, triggering a dramatic stampede that left five people injured and several vehicles damaged.

As reported by Metro UK, the incident, which unfolded near Victoria, saw the majestic creatures galloping through busy thoroughfares, their thundering hooves echoing through the city.

Eyewitnesses described scenes of panic and confusion as the horses, belonging to the esteemed Household Cavalry, charged through Aldwych, Tower Bridge, Limehouse, and Victoria, covering an astonishing six-mile stretch in their desperate bid for freedom. Among the injured was a serviceman, thrown from his mount as it broke loose from its handlers.

One horse, its once pristine coat now streaked with blood, collided with vehicles along its frenzied path, including a tour bus with a shattered windshield and a Mercedes people carrier, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Emergency services rushed to the scene, treating the wounded and containing the panicked animals.

City of London Police sprang into action, working to corral the runaway horses. Despite the chaos, all five horses were eventually accounted for and safely recaptured. An Army spokesperson reassured the public that the horses were part of routine exercises and that measures were in place to ensure their welfare.

Witnesses recounted the harrowing sight of the horses in full flight, their fear palpable as they darted through the urban landscape. "They were very scared, they ran like crazy," remarked a construction worker who witnessed the stampede. The incident caused widespread disruption, bringing traffic to a standstill and leaving bystanders shaken.

The Household Cavalry, with its distinguished history dating back to the 1600s, is renowned for its role in protecting the royal family. Today's events serve as a stark reminder of the risks inherent in their noble duties. As the injured receive medical attention and the city begins to recover from the shock, questions linger about the circumstances that led to this extraordinary event and the measures needed to prevent its recurrence.

 [With information sourced from Metro UK]

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