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Filipino TV airs Cypriot 'Serial Killer' episode

Drama series in the Philippines airs trailer of “Serial Killer” featuring Cyprus


A drama series in the Philippines is airing an episode that tells the harrowing tale of overseas Filipino workers based on the serial killer case in Cyprus.

Viewer discretion is advised - video content may not be suitable for all audiences

A trailer shows parts of an episode titled “Serial Killer” - one of two installments airing on Saturday - where three foreign domestic workers and friends Jasmine, Daisy, and Hana, find themselves trapped in a gruesome web of murders in Cyprus.

The stories are based on the serial killings in Cyprus that were uncovered earlier this year, where seven females including two children, all foreign nationals, went missing and were later murdered by serial killer Nikos Metaxas.

Images in the trailer show the Wine Festival in Limassol and a military man, whose character is believed to resemble Metaxas, also known as Orestis online. Scenes include the killer strangling his victims, wrapping them in a white sheet, and placing the bodies inside suitcases, events that are partly based on the actual case in Cyprus.

Another episode in the series reportedly deals with human trafficking.

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