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Final instructions for European Elections in Cyprus

The Chief Returning Officer said there are 641,181 registered voters

Newsroom / CNA

Chief Returning Officer Kypros Kyprianou has given the final instructions to political parties, coalitions and independent candidates, as well as the voters, ahead of Sunday’s European Elections in Cyprus, and has called on all voters to exercise their right to vote.

Speaking at a press conference, Kyprianou said that these elections have the largest number of registered voters and the largest number of candidates, political parties and coalitions.

Kyprianou said there were 641,181 registered voters, of whom 549,011 are Greek Cypriots, 81,611 Turkish Cypriots and 10,559 EU citizens.

The voters in Nicosia are 217,649, Limassol 154,496, Larnaca 95,099, Paphos 54,288 and Famagusta 32,652. There are also 6,135 voters who will be voting abroad.

A total of 1,095 polling stations have been set up across the government-controlled areas of the Republic, including 50 for Turkish Cypriots living in the Turkish-occupied areas of the Republic of Cyprus, who have the right to vote.

A total of 7,000 persons will be on duty on Sunday, including 309 unemployed graduates, civil servants, Police officers and staff from other services.

Polling stations have also been set up for Greek Cypriots enclaved in the Turkish-occupied areas.

The results of voting in Cyprus are expected to be ready at 2030 local time and will be announced at midnight.

Kyprianou reminded the candidates, political parties and coalitions, as well as the media, that the pre-election period ends on Friday night.

Voters are able to find their polling station online at or by telephone at 77772212.

Polling stations will open at 0700 local time and close at 1800, with a one-hour break from 1200 till 1300.

Special arrangements have been made at polling stations for persons with disabilities.

Kyprianou pointed out the importance of the European Elections, noting that the European Parliament was the only European institution the members of which were elected directly by the people. He added that its directives are incorporated in national law and regulate almost all aspects of the citizens’ lives.

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