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Fire near Limassol community contained

Officials hoped for weather conditions to remain unchanged as they battled Lania blaze


A large wildfire was raging outside a community in Limassol district, with officials saying battling the blaze was difficult due to limited access in the area while the risk of re-ignitions remained high.

According to Cyprus News Agency, about fifteen fire engines from the forests and fire departments rushed to Lania, Limassol district, to contain a wildfire raging outside the local community.

The fire, which reportedly started around 12:25pm on Wednesday, was still raging two hours later with five helicopters taking part in the operation. It was eventually put out but the risk of re-ignition fires remained, officials said.

A fire department spokesman said the blaze was expected to be contained if weather conditions remain unchanged

According to fire department spokesman Andreas Kettis, one residence is very close to the fire but fire fighters were on site preventing the blaze from spilling into residential areas.

Kettis said the fire was expected to be contained as long as weather conditions in the area remained unchanged.

According to the daily weather forecast, temperatures were expected to range between 30 degrees in the mountains and 40 degrees inland, while the area in question is situated along the foothills of Troodos mountains where clouds and showers were also expected thorughout the day.

Story has been updated with infomation after fire was contained

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