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Firemen save kitten from deep well

Emergency rescuers pull kitty cat from narrow well on construction side in Larnaca


The Fire Services department posted a video on social media showing an emergency response team of firemen rescuing a young feline from a deep well in Lefkara.

According to the post, the kitty cat was trapped inside a well some 13 metres deep, located on a construction site within Lefkara municipal limits, Larnaca district.

A video shows several fire fighters from an emergency response team mounting a rescue operation using a motorized Arizona vortex apparatus, while meowing was heard from deep inside the well. 

Moments later a fireman emerged from the well holding a small kitten that appeared to be relieved and anxious to be free again.

“Guys, it’s a little baby,” a fireman in the group said.

The fire department said its emergency rescuers always put safety first before taking on a rescue operation when dealing with an animal that is trapped and has no natural way of getting out.

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