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Former bishop to be sentenced June 1st for indecent assault (update)

In an unprecedented case in Cyprus, the Larnaca District Court will sentence Chrysostomos of Kition while the Holy Synod considers its next steps

Former Metropolitan Bishop Chrysostomos of Kition appeared before the District Court of Larnaca today in relation to a case of indecent assault on a minor in 1981 when she was just 16 years old.

During the defense's statements to mitigate the sentence, the bishop's lawyer requested a suspended sentence instead of imprisonment, citing the former bishop's age and multiple health problems.

The sentencing hearing is scheduled for next Thursday at 11:30 a.m.

According to a previous report by "K," this verdict by the District Court, which finds a prelate of the Church of Cyprus guilty, is potentially the first of its kind in the country's modern history. Church sources indicate that there is no previous record of a Cypriot prelate being convicted by a civil court for indecent assault on a woman in the past 100 years.

Following the verdict, two important matters arise. Firstly, the court will convene on May 26th to determine the specific sentence. Secondly, the Holy Synod will be involved in addressing the entire situation once the sentence is imposed on the former Bishop of Kition, Chrysostomos. Church sources state that the Cypriot Hierarchy members will gather to decide on the appropriate course of action concerning the hierarch.

[Information sourced from and 24News]

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