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Four shot in separate hunting incidents

Police investigate accidental shootings among hunters with victims including teenage boy shot in the face


Police are investigating three separate hunting incidents of accidental shootings, where two men and a father-son duo were shot on Sunday, with the teen being injured in the forehead.

According to local media, a 44-year-old man and his 14-year-old son went hunting on Sunday in the Nikitari area, Nicosia district, where other hunters were nearby.

Police said the hunters, whose identities had remained unknown at the time, aimed for the position of their prey which was in the direction of the father and son.

In another case, a man was hunting with a group in Larnaca district where he was also shot in the face, body, and one of his arms

The teenager ended up getting shot in the forehead while another hunter drove the injured to Nicosia General Hospital, where the father was treated and released with minor injuries. The son was transported to Makarios Children’s Hospital where he was also treated and released.

In another case, a 38-year-old man was hunting with a group in Avdellero, Larnaca district, where he was also shot in the face, body, and one of his arms.

Police said a 61-year-old man pulled the trigger after aiming for his prey, with investigators concluding the shooter did not realize the other man was also present at the scene.

In yet another case also in Larnaca district, a 39-year-old male suffered minor injuries after he was shot in the face and chest area while hunting in Alaminos around 8:30am.

Police said another 47-year-old male, who was also hunting in the area, had aimed for his prey when he pulled the trigger. The injured man was transported to Larnaca General Hospital where he received medical treatment before being released.

Police stations in Peristerona, Kofinou, and Athienou are carrying out investigations over the respective incidents.

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