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Hunter shot in the foot in Paphos

Young man in hospital after friend's hunting rifle discharges unintentionally


A young man was injured in a gun accident on Wednesday morning in Paphos when a hunting rifle went off by accident.

According to police, three adult males went hunting in Paphos on Wednesday early morning, when one of them was injured in an accidental discharge.

The incident took place in the Anadiou-Samara area, Paphos district, around 6:40am, when one of the hunters was attempting to load his rifle.

As he was loading his bolt-action hunting rifle, the gun went off unintentionally, injuring a fellow hunter in the foot according to reports.

The injured man, aged 25, was rushed to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital, where doctors on duty said he sustained a gunshot wound and needed surgery but was not in any immediate danger.

According to safety instructions on how to operate a hunting rifle, the user must point the gun always downwards, while this is not advisable when other people are standing close by.

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