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French say 'Non!' to English at 2024 Paris Olympics

French MP's declare war on English as lawmakers urge linguistic preservation amid concerns over encroaching anglicisms


In a comedic twist of linguistic fate, French lawmakers have declared an epic showdown against English at the 2024 Paris Olympics, aiming to keep their beloved event as French as a croissant at breakfast.

Summoning their inner language warriors, the lower house of parliament has brandished a resolution demanding that organizers, athletes, trainers, and even journalists ditch the English and embrace the French tongue like never before, the AFP reports.

Annie Genevard, the mastermind behind this linguistic crusade, sounded the alarm among her fellow MPs, warning of the dire consequences of "anglification" at the Olympics. She pointed a finger at past Olympic slogans like "Made for Sharing," mocking them as linguistic invaders from across the Channel.

But the French have long been at odds with English's encroachment on their language. Despite their valiant efforts, the battle against "Franglais" has proven to be as slippery as an eel in a buttered pan.

Even the rugby pitch, once a bastion of Frenchness, fell prey to English invasion, with jerseys proudly boasting "Rugby World Cup" instead of the more French-sounding "La Coupe du Monde de rugby."

But fear not, dear Francophiles, for the French have a secret weapon in their arsenal: the 1994 Toubon Law. This legislative gem makes French mandatory for everything from advertising to product labeling, a linguistic fortress guarding against the Anglo-Saxon hordes.

Despite their best efforts, the French find themselves locked in an eternal struggle against English's cultural onslaught. It's a battle of wits, with each side trading linguistic blows like champions in a verbal boxing match.

As the countdown to the Olympics begins, France stands firm, ready to defend its linguistic honor against all odds. Whether they emerge victorious or not, one thing is certain: the French will fight tooth and nail to keep their Olympics as French as a baguette with a beret on top.

[With information sourced from the AFP]

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