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Paris Olympics rekindles condom tradition in athletes' village

City of Love revives tradition with 300,000 condoms for athletes, staff, and press in the Olympic Village


As Paris gears up for this summer's Olympic Games, organizers are reinstating a longstanding tradition: distributing condoms in the athletes' village. After Tokyo's Covid-era ban on close contact last year, which excluded sharing intimacy, Paris is making a bold move by providing 300,000 condoms for athletes, staff, and press members during the Games from July 26 to September 8.

Laurent Michaud, director of the Olympic and Paralympic Village, emphasized the aim to ensure all residents feel comfortable and enthusiastic. While the tradition of providing condoms at the Olympics dates back to 1988, with a spike in numbers over the years, Paris's decision aligns with previous efforts to promote sexual health awareness.

Despite the generous provision, some athletes have questioned the necessity of such large quantities, noting that the focus during the Olympics remains on athletic performance rather than recreational activities. Regardless, Paris authorities are embracing the festive spirit of the Games, hosting a design contest for the condom packets with a theme centered around sexual consent. However, one French staple, champagne, will not be found in the athletes' village, with Michaud reassuring that athletes can indulge in the iconic beverage in the heart of Paris.

Source: The Washington Post

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