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Minister details Akamas park's future, promises change

Task force set to shake up Akamas national park


Minister of Agriculture Maria Panayiotou announced plans for administrative investigation and improvement works on the field during an interview with "SPOR FM 95.0" and the show "NEWS DISSEMINATION." The initiatives are part of efforts to regulate and plan changes related to the Sustainable Development Plan for Akama National Forest Park.

According to Panayiotou, a task force led by a Civil Engineer will oversee the projects, providing supervision and advisory support on environmental and technical matters. Additionally, a guiding committee will facilitate the management of project-related issues. Monthly meetings will ensure updates on progress and provide necessary guidance.

Furthermore, actions will be taken to enhance the environmental impact of Phase A of the Road Network, based on a recent Ecological Assessment Report. Restoration work on habitats will follow the completion of construction in Phase A.

In response to questions about administrative investigation, Panayiotou clarified its independence from fieldwork progress, stating that it aims to address errors and improve ongoing projects. She highlighted the need for environmentalists' mandatory presence in projects within or near Natura areas as a legislative priority.

The Minister indicated plans for a new proposal with clear timelines for remaining projects, scheduled for submission to the Ministerial Council in June 2024.

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