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From clear skies to dust: Your weather update for the week

Stay ahead of the changing temperatures and conditions with our comprehensive forecast

Good morning, here is your weather report for today and the upcoming days. Today's forecast predicts mostly clear skies with intermittent high clouds throughout the day. The winds will start off as variable light, 3 Beaufort, but will shift to mainly southwest to northwest, light to moderate, 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea will be relatively calm, with a chance of slight turbulence. As for the temperature, it will rise up to 29 degrees Celsius inland, 25 degrees Celsius on the south and east coasts, 24 degrees Celsius on the rest of the coast, and 19 degrees Celsius in the higher mountains.

Tonight, the weather will mostly be clear, with some partly cloudy skies. The winds will become mainly northwest to northeast, with a chance of variable light, 3 Beaufort, locally. The sea will remain relatively calm, with a chance of slight turbulence. As for the temperature, it will drop down to around 15 degrees Celsius inland, 16 degrees Celsius on the coast, and 10 degrees Celsius in the higher mountains.

Moving onto Thursday and Friday, there will be partly cloudy skies with medium to high clouds, and there may be isolated light rain in the mountains on Thursday evening. The atmosphere will also contain some sparse dust. On Saturday, the weather will mainly be clear, and the dust will subside.

Temperatures on Thursday will slightly rise and hover just above the average climatic values, while Friday will see a slight drop in temperature to near the average climatic values. On Saturday, the temperature will remain relatively the same. That's it for today's weather report, have a great day!

Source: Cyprus Met Office

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