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From ''entrance fees'' to gastroscopy checks, is this the solution?

EDEK proposal on curbing purchases of fuel from the occupied areas sparks gastroscopic humor


Former Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides has commented on EDEK's proposals to tighten fuel controls for vehicles refueling in the occupied territories. The party's suggestions aim to reduce or halt the illegal supply of fuel from these areas. Their proposal includes checking the fuel tank at entry points, and if it's less than three-quarters full, the driver has two options: return to the free territories and top off the fuel or pay 500 euros to enter the occupied territories.

In response, Petrides criticized the proposal, likening it to an "entrance fee" and raising concerns about checking fuel tanks, which the EU has deemed illegal. He also humorously suggested mandatory gastroscopy to prevent visitors from dining in pseudo-restaurants. Petrides emphasized that the Cyprus problem should be solved to address the issue.

EDEK believes their proposal can recover lost state revenue due to illegal fuel trade and subsidize fuel prices, ultimately reducing costs. They urge the government and the Ministry of Commerce to study the proposal, emphasizing its potential to stop economic drain from the occupied territories.


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