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01 December, 2023
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From sunny skies to rainy surprises

Unstable air mass gradually subsides


The day is set to begin with predominantly clear skies, although residents may notice localized areas of increased cloud cover. As the day progresses, especially during the midday hours and beyond, cloud formations are forecasted to develop.

These clouds are likely to bring isolated rain showers and, in some instances, isolated thunderstorms. The greatest likelihood of such weather events is in the western and southern regions of the island, as well as in the mountainous areas. By late afternoon and into the evening, high-level clouds are expected to become more prominent.

Winds will initially blow from the northeast to southeast, with some local variations pushing them southwest. Wind speeds are forecasted to be light, generally measuring around 3 Beaufort.

However, as the afternoon unfolds, a shift is anticipated, with winds becoming predominantly southwest to northwest, maintaining a light to moderate intensity, between 3 and 4 Beaufort. On the seafront, conditions will range from generally calm to slightly turbulent.

In terms of temperatures, Nicosia can expect highs of approximately 31 degrees Celsius inland, hovering around 30 degrees along the coast, and settling at approximately 20 degrees in the higher mountainous regions.

Heading into the evening, the skies are expected to clear again, with some increased high-level cloudiness still visible. Winds will predominantly originate from the northwest to northeast directions, with southeastern winds occurring along the northern coast. These winds will be light, measuring at around 3 Beaufort.

Sea conditions will remain mostly calm, with some areas experiencing slight turbulence. Overnight temperatures will drop, with lows of approximately 18 degrees Celsius inland, about 20 degrees along the coast, and as low as 11 degrees in the higher mountainous areas.

Looking ahead to Thursday, the weather is expected to feature periodic intervals of increased mid-level and high-level cloud cover. Additionally, during the midday hours and beyond, cloud formations may develop, potentially leading to isolated rainfall, especially in the mountainous regions.

As we move into Friday and Saturday, the forecast indicates mostly sunny conditions. Nevertheless, locals should be prepared for localized cloud formations during the midday hours and beyond, which could result in isolated showers, primarily in the mountainous areas.

In terms of temperatures, there are no significant deviations expected through Saturday, with conditions remaining close to the seasonal averages for this time of year.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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