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Gas tanker tilts after explosion off Larnaca

Injuries reported following gas tanker on-board explosion and fire near Zygi coastline


A gas tanker anchored off the coast of Zygi caught fire Saturday morning following an explosion on board, causing the commerical vessel to tilt noticeably.

According to local reports, the tanker under a Maltese flag was anchored in waters near Zygi, close to the Maroni community in Larnaca district, when an on-board explosion was reportedly heard around 9:30am.

Reports also said the gas tanker showed signs of tilting, with sources saying officials determined it would have to be towed to a fishing pier in Zygi to avoid the risk of taking in water and sinking at its current location.

Coast guard officials and fire fighters also rushed to the scene, while reports said some crew members were injured and were in need of medical treatment. 

The cause of the explosion was not immediately known.

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