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Gentle winds and clear skies

Clear spells interrupted by possible dust


Cyprus is gearing up for a period of mild high pressure, promising clear skies with a hint of dust particles in the air, according to meteorologists.

Starting today, locals can expect generally clear conditions, with some clouds gathering in the afternoon, possibly leading to scattered showers, especially in mountainous regions. Initially, there might be a bit more high cloud cover. Winds are set to shift from the southwest to the northwest, starting off light and variable before picking up to moderate speeds of 3 to 4 on the Beaufort scale. Seas should be mostly calm, though there could be a bit of turbulence later on. Temperatures are forecasted to rise to around 29 degrees Celsius inland, about 26 degrees Celsius along the southeast, east, and north coasts, roughly 24 degrees Celsius along the remaining coastlines, and approximately 18 degrees Celsius in higher elevations.

As night falls, the weather is expected to remain clear overall, although some high clouds may linger. Towards late evening, patches of fog or low clouds could develop, mainly in eastern areas and inland. Winds will gradually shift to the northeast, occasionally veering southeast, while remaining light and variable, around 3 on the Beaufort scale. Seas are likely to stay mostly calm, though a bit of turbulence is possible. Overnight temperatures are predicted to drop to around 13 degrees Celsius inland and along the southern, eastern, and northern coasts, approximately 15 degrees Celsius along the western coast, and about 10 degrees Celsius in higher elevations.

Looking ahead, Thursday's forecast calls for mostly clear skies with intermittent patches of average and high clouds. However, by Friday, cloud cover is expected to increase, with medium and high clouds prevailing, along with a chance of isolated light rainfall, mainly in mountainous regions. By evening, localized low cloud cover may develop in western areas. Saturday's outlook suggests intermittent cloud cover with isolated showers, and there's a possibility of brief isolated thunderstorms in eastern areas during the afternoon.

Temperature trends are expected to gradually climb until Friday, surpassing average climatic values, before dipping on Saturday to near-average seasonal levels.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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