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14 June, 2024
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Get ready for a heatwave!

Grab your shades and sunscreen, folks, and enjoy the sizzling weekend ahead!


Good morning, folks! We've got some exciting weather news coming your way. Weak high pressure and a hot gas mass are swooping in, promising to bring rising temperatures and plenty of sunshine to the area.

Throughout the day, expect to see intermittent clouds rolling in, adding a touch of drama to the sky. Winds will be playing a little game of tag, starting from the northeast to the east, then switching gears to the northwest in the afternoon. Don't worry, they'll be light to moderate, so nothing too wild to handle. As for the sea, it might get a bit bumpy, especially in the east, but nothing our seasoned sailors can't handle.

Now, let's talk temperatures! Get ready to feel the warmth, with the mercury soaring to a toasty 26 degrees inland. Along the coast, it'll be a pleasant 23 degrees on the west coast and around 25 degrees elsewhere. Even up in the mountains, where it tends to be a bit cooler, we're looking at a comfortable 21 degrees.

As night falls, the skies will clear up, giving us a perfect view of the stars. Winds will mellow out, blowing gently from the northwest to northeast, just enough to rustle the leaves. The sea will calm down too, just a tad rough, so maybe hold off on that late-night swim.

And what about the weekend, you ask? Well, get ready to soak up that sunshine because it's going to be clear skies ahead! Temperatures will keep climbing, reaching well above average for this time of year. So grab your shades and sunscreen, folks, and enjoy the sizzling weekend ahead!

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