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Islamic State calls for terror attacks on US, Europe, and Israel

Extremist group urges followers to target 'crusaders' worldwide, prompting heightened security concerns


The Islamic State issued a stark warning on Thursday, urging its followers to target "crusaders" worldwide, singling out the United States, Europe, and Israel. Their message, shared on ISIS's Telegram channel, hailed the recent attack on a Moscow concert hall, where over 140 people lost their lives. Abu Huthaifa al-Ansari, speaking on behalf of the group, not only praised the violence but also called for continued conflict in Palestine.

However, the claim by Russian authorities linking the attackers to "Ukrainian nationalists" was quickly dismissed by the United States as unfounded propaganda. Meanwhile, in the wake of the attack, eleven individuals were arrested within the first 24 hours, with eight of them now in custody. Seven are from Tajikistan, and one is from Kyrgyzstan.

These developments highlight the ongoing threat posed by extremist groups and the challenges faced by law enforcement in combating terrorism. As tensions rise, authorities worldwide are on high alert, emphasizing the need for coordinated efforts to address this persistent global issue.

Source: Reuters

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