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Illegal photovoltaic systems threaten Cyprus' electricity grid

EAC Spokesperson warns of unauthorized installations, urges compliance and offers solutions


In a recent interview on SPOR FM, Christina Papadopoulou, the spokesperson for the Electricity Authority of  Cyprus (EAC), addressed concerns over the proliferation of illegal photovoltaic systems installed by individuals in homes.

Papadopoulou revealed that the EAC has received reports of unauthorized installations of renewable energy units and unapproved expansions of existing systems. When pressed about the scale of these infractions, she indicated that the authority is currently gathering information.

According to the EAC, these unauthorized installations pose a serious threat to the electricity supply system by overburdening power generation capacities and compromising grid security and reliability. The EAC emphasized that it grants licenses for such systems to ensure the proper management and reliability of the distribution network.

Regarding recourse for those who have installed illegal systems, Papadopoulou urged immediate notification to the authority. This allows the inspection department to document the violations and facilitate the proper issuance of legal permits.

Some consumers may have unwittingly installed illegal systems, even under government schemes like Photovoltaic for All. However, Papadopoulou stressed that responsibility also lies with the installers, who should be well-versed in legal procedures and ensure compliance with regulations.

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