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Google's 2023 search snapshot revealed

Searches were dominated by ''Barbie'' in movies


Google recently unveiled its "Year in Search" report, offering a captivating glimpse into 2023's global queries. The ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict took the top spot in news trends, followed by the Titanic-bound submersible incident and devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

In the realm of personalities, NFL's Damar Hamlin, who overcame a near-death cardiac arrest, led search trends, followed by actor Jeremy Renner and tributes to the late Matthew Perry and Tina Turner.

Entertainment searches were dominated by "Barbie" in movies, while "The Last of Us," "Wednesday," and "Ginny and Georgia" secured top positions in TV trends. Yoasobi's "アイドル (Idol)" claimed the title of Google's top trending song.

Beyond pop culture, Bibimbap emerged as the year's top trending recipe, Lionel Messi's move to Inter Miami CF led sports teams trends, and consumers questioned the rising costs of eggs, Taylor Swift tickets, and sriracha bottles.

For more intriguing insights, including country-specific trends, delve into Google's extensive "Year in Search" archive, compiled from Jan. 1 through Nov. 27 of this year. As 2023 concludes, Google's 25th birthday celebration also showcased top searches "of all time," revealing timeless interests in Beyoncé, Cristiano Ronaldo, and the "Harry Potter" cast.

[With information sourced from AP News]

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