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Government urges hotels to host repatriated Cypriots for isolation

The government is scrambling to find quarantine facilities for the wave of arrivals expected before the flight ban on Saturday


Deputy Minister of Tourism, Savvas Perdios, urged hoteliers to respond to a call to host people expected to be repatriated to Cyprus in the coming days, and who are required to confine themselves for 14 days.

The government appears to be scrambling to find quarantine facilities for incoming arrivals from abroad, who rather than being discouraged from traveling by the new measures in place, are rushing to return to the island before Cyprus airports completely ban flights from all countries on Saturday.

Perdios said the Deputy Ministry has already sent a framework of cooperation to hoteliers’ associations. Hotels who agree to sign the contract sent will provide three meals a day, and fresh linen and towels every four days.

He clarified that government compensation for the hotels that get on board will not match the earnings that would have been made if the hotels remained open, but stressed hosting arrivals should be seen as an act of social responsibility on the part of hoteliers in difficult times.

Perdios said the Deputy Ministry is currently in contact with three-star hotels.

“This is a crucial moment for our country and hoteliers are called to do their part,” Perdios noted.

After concern arose among hoteliers over the safety of staff among potential coronavirus carriers, Perdios said those who will be hosted are not patients but people who must be confined upon their return from abroad as a precaution.

Perdios added that the possibility of one of the arrivals carrying the virus is very low, as they will have been tested at the airport and will have secured the necessary health certificates proving they are clear of coronavirus.

The 1420 hotline will also be available for hotels in case someone shows any symptoms at a later stage, Perdios said, stressing that those hosted must abide by the rules and remain confined in the rooms.

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