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Greek Cypriot protesters slam Tatar in London

Turkish Cypriot leader cheered by supporters as Greek Cypriot students try to block his car at an event


A group of Greek Cypriot protesters in the United Kingdom attempted to block on Wednesday the vehicle of Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar, who traveled to London to speak at an event.

Videos on social media showed Greek Cypriot protesters with Greek and Cypriot flags shouting slogans against Turkey and Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar, as his motorcade arrived at King's College London.

The videos showed some of the protesters being physically held back as two vehicles were blocked but eventually passed through.

No harm was reported but Turkish media said Tatar later suggested to an audience that protesters would have attacked him had there been no police presence at the university's entrance.

Slogans heard during the protest included “Out of Cyprus Turkish troops” while protesters also called names of places in the north saying “they are ours, not Tatar’s.”

The incident took place as Turkish Cypriots and Turkish supporters also gathered across the street to welcome Tatar, who was on a campaign to put forth his proposals about peace talks and counter President Nicos Christodoulides’ recent calls to get the EU more heavily involved.

Christodoulides, who also serves as the Greek Cypriot leader, has been calling on European partners to support his proposal to involve a European personality in peace talks on the divided island, a suggestion refused by Turkish Cypriots who believe Brussels is not impartial.

The incident took place following several diplomatic faux pas abroad that irked Nicosia, as Greek Cypriots have been calling out breaches of protocol in favor of the northern part of Cyprus that is not recognized by any country in the world except Turkey.

"They don't even want to let our voices be heard. Because when our voice is heard, they see that it will be accepted, they see that it will become stronger," Tatar said.


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