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Greek Mafia hits, 'Alexoui' murder, and the enigmatic escape via Mount Athos

Expatriate group linked to cross-border executions and Greek Mafia murders

By Yiannis Souliotis

In the world of crime, an international expatriate group with ties to the former USSR is making headlines. Accused of homicides within and beyond borders, their alleged involvement in the deaths of three Greek Mafia members is under scrutiny.

Recent developments indicate progress in solving the murders of Giorgos Mitsos in 2022 and Vangelis Zampounis just days ago. However, one of the seven defendants remains at large, evading arrest.

This fugitive, accused of a homicide in Nicosia in 2023, is a 28-year-old Greek expatriate from Georgia with a criminal record in Greece.

The victim, 45-year-old Alexis Mavromichalis, fell prey to an attack involving arson and sniper fire. The expatriate fled Cyprus, reportedly escaping to Russia, making a mysterious stopover at a Russophile monastery on Mount Athos.

The group's nefarious activities may extend beyond Cyprus, with indications of their involvement in executing a death contract in Montenegro. Two members, including a 25-year-old Albanian national, are in custody, while a third accomplice managed to escape. Authorities recovered stolen vehicles and heavy weapons, suggesting a planned murder.

Montenegrin and Greek police collaborated, highlighting the severity of the situation. The group's motives remain unclear, but reports suggest potential targets in Montenegro related to smuggled tobacco products.

As investigations unfold, homicide officers are nearing resolutions on more death contracts, including the cases of Giorgos Mitsos and Vangelis Zampounis. Mitsos' family lawyer expressed confidence in the Greek police, dispelling earlier misconceptions about the motive behind his murder.

The police and the Ministry of Citizen Protection are optimistic about solving the Zambounis case, linking it to the same expatriate group responsible for other high-profile murders.

Information suggests that Zambounis, involved in petroleum and tobacco industries, may have expanded his activities, drawing the attention of the expatriates and their deadly guns. The investigation continues to peel back the layers of this international crime network.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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