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Beyond the comfort zone for sustainable growth

Paphos surpasses expectations in winter months

Maria Eracleous

Maria Eracleous

The comfort zone, an imaginary haven of safety and certainty, doesn't always foster growth.

In professional and personal realms, this mindset influences more than individual lives, it permeates policies and practices, impacting sectors like a country's economy.

Examining the 2023 tourist arrivals, I won't dwell on meeting 2022 targets, as our conservative achievements paint a positive overall performance.

Yet, the former Deputy Minister's insight, now echoed by the current one, rings true: tourism's strength can't solely rely on the Russian or British markets.

While the UK remains a vital contributor with 1.3 million arrivals in 2023 (a third of the 3.8 million total), it's evident that diversification is crucial. Other markets, experiencing over 100% increases, signal the need for a new direction in promoting Cyprus as a tourist destination, addressing concerns raised at PASYXE's General Assembly.

Notably, tourist arrivals from lesser-known markets like France and Hungary show promise. Despite lower numbers, consistent positive growth suggests an opportunity to strengthen tourism and make Cyprus a full-time destination.

Paphos spearheads this shift, operating hotels and restaurants even in off-peak months. To replicate this success, other areas must follow suit. However, change won't happen overnight; it requires targeted efforts from relevant authorities and local bodies.

Paphos exemplifies proactive branding through digital advertising, yielding better winter traffic than other provinces.

Larnaca, under ETAP's initiatives, actively seeks to lay foundations for future tourist flows, understanding that breaking away from familiar paths is integral to tourism's strengthening.

It's a departure from the trivial and a necessary move beyond the tourist comfort zone, fostering meaningful change and sustainable growth.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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