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Haris Georgiades: We kept the Cooperative Bank alive to protect people's deposits

Finance Minister answers to criticism in an interview with Kathimerini


"Completing the moves for the Cooperative Bank by incorporating it into a commercial bank permanently cuts the way for some who have had their hand in the jar with honey all the time", said the Finance Minister in an interview to Kathimerini on Sunday.

'We have cut billions in funding to parties, particularly AKEL'

The Minister explains that his decision to resign is not about taking political responsibility for the findings of the inquiry because he considers the decisions taken to be "necessary and beneficial".

Georgiades, answering to criticism, said that ''we have cut billions in funding to parties, particularly AKEL''.

He answers to criticism about the choices he made and talks about his next political steps, pointing out that re-engaging with DISY is of interest to him.

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