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Health Minister says flu cases under control

Speaking to Oriana Papantoniou on Spor FM, Michalis Hadjipantelas talks about the number of deaths caused by the flu and the 37 year old teacher who died from flu related causes


On the "Diaspora News" program of "Spor FM 95.0," Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas discussed the flu cases in Cyprus. According to the ministry's official data, six flu-related deaths have been reported since December 1, of which four involved elderly residents of nursing homes.

Hadjipantelas reassured the public that this figure is typical, pointing out that in earlier years, much higher figures were reported. Despite the overcrowding that has occurred in nursing homes since November, he continued, there is no cause for alarm.

"We can deal with this situation because we have excellent doctors and health professionals who can solve any problems that arise at this time. It is a recent issue, but we have been aware of it for three months and are dealing with it with excellent results," he elaborated.

Concerning the death of 37-year-old teacher Emily Sofokleous and the complaint of medical examiner Marios Matsakis about medical negligence, the minister stated that he has not been informed about the case, but he will request an update from the police. "If we have to be strict with doctors in the Ministry of Health, we will be," he says.  "We have demonstrated how strict we are in other cases that have come to light. We are awaiting all of the evidence before taking a formal position."

Meanwhile, in a statement after a press conference on the launch of the iSAVElives application in Cyprus, Hadjipantelas said that "in recent days there has been a significant reduction in the cases of the coronavirus, as this is what the Ministry of Health's data indicates.  It is an issue that we are aware of, we are dealing with it, and this moment gives me the opportunity to call on people to get vaccinated with the flu vaccine so that people, particularly the elderly, do not end up in hospitals," he added.

There is a contingency plan in place in the event of a breakdown in the collective bargaining agreement

When asked to comment on the new proposal to negotiate a collective agreement for workers hired on personal contracts since 2019, which was presented to the unions yesterday by the OKYPY, the Health Minister said he understands the positions of both sides and that there is a plan in place to provide a solution in the event of an impasse.

"We must all understand that the OKYPY is a separate organization with its own Board of Directors. We must allow this independent body to consult with the unions, and if they do not, we will try to find a solution with good faith," he stated.

In response to a reporter's question, he stated, "There is a plan, but I hope we don't use it," adding that both the OKYPY and the unions should be given the opportunity to discuss before his ministry intervenes.

When asked when the Nicosia General Hospital Children's CICU would open, the Health Minister expressed hope that it would be by the end of January.

However, he did not want to announce a specific date, saying "let us give you a pleasant surprise".

Hadjipantelas reiterated that the Children's CICU is scheduled to open at the end of January.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

With information from CNA

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