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Health Ministry clarifies rules governing number of people at gatherings

We won't be returning to normality that easily, as rules will control the maximum number of people at gatherings until September


After the Health Minister announced Wednesday morning that the 10 person rule governing gatherings would be scrapped at the end of phase three on June 24, an announcement issued later in the day clarified that we won’t be jumping into normality straight away.

Rules will continue to apply for mass gatherings, such as wedding and baptism ceremonies, concerts, festivals, private gatherings, and any other kind of mass gatherings.

Between June 24 and July 6, mass gatherings of up to 50 people will be permitted indoors, while outdoor gatherings may host up to 100 people, given that all health protocols are followed, particularly those designating how many people are allowed to gather per square meter.

Between July 7 and August 30, mass gatherings of up to 75 people in indoor areas, and up to 150 people in outdoor areas, but again subject to rules governing how many people are permitted to gather per square meter.

For the above two periods, the Health Ministry clarified that simultaneous indoor and outdoor mass gatherings won’t be permitted to take place.

The Ministry added that the maximum number of people allowed to gather in a single space applies regardless of the size of the space.

From September 1, the limit on the number of people permitted to attend a gathering is scrapped, given that the epidemiological situation will allow this.


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