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Heavy rain hits Kornos, underpass bridge shuts down

Flash floods close Kornos bridge again


The Kornos underpass bridge faced another bout of flooding, leading authorities to close it for traffic due to heavy rainfall.

This marks the second time in seven months that the upgraded bridge, which cost one million euros, has succumbed to rising waters. Despite completion about a year and a half ago, the structure seems unable to withstand the challenges posed by inclement weather.

In a statement released on Tuesday afternoon (12/12), the police advised drivers to avoid the affected route. Michael Savva, the community leader of Kornos, expressed frustration, highlighting that this recurring issue was previously observed in May.

Savva conveyed ongoing efforts to alert relevant departments about the potential problem, emphasizing that no substantial measures have been taken to address the recurring flooding.

"The relevant departments seem to be waiting on the contractor responsible for the bridge upgrade to initiate repairs. Unfortunately, this has left the community in a difficult situation, and the bridge continues to be a source of inconvenience for residents," Savva explained.

During the upgrade, the water volume passing under the bridge increased significantly, but the stormwater drainage system remained unchanged since the highway's construction in 1980.

Savva concluded, "The bridge is flooding, and unless decisive action is taken, it will persist as a recurring issue affecting the people in our community."

The community leader pointed out the need for urgent measures to address the situation and prevent future disruptions caused by adverse weather conditions.

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