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High dust levels blanket the sky

Air quality alerts issued amid surge in inhalable particles - vulnerable groups urged to stay indoors


Cyprus is grappling with a surge in dust concentrations, as reported by the Air Quality Monitoring Network of the Labour Inspection Department. Ground station measurements reveal a notable uptick in airborne particles, prompting health advisories and precautionary measures.

The Department of Labour Inspection issued a statement cautioning the public, especially vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, and those with underlying health conditions, to avoid outdoor activities until the dust phenomenon subsides. The fine inhalable particles present in the dust could pose adverse health effects.

Employers, in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health at Work Act, are mandated to assess risks to their workforce exposed to open spaces and take appropriate measures. Workers in affected areas are strongly encouraged to utilize personal protective equipment for added safety.

The latest hourly dust concentration readings at 9:00 AM paint a concerning picture across various regions: Nicosia recorded 103.3 μg/m3, Limassol at 80.2 μg/m3, Larnaca at 89.3 μg/m3, Paralimni at 107.4 μg/m3, Paphos at 35.7 μg/m3, Zygi at 91.3 μg/m3, and Agia Marina Xyliatou at 39.7 μg/m3.

For ongoing updates and additional information, concerned citizens are urged to visit or utilize the "Air Quality Cyprus" app. Stay tuned as authorities monitor and manage the evolving situation.

[Information from CNA]

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