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High pressure weakens, unleashing mixed conditions

Cloudy skies, rainy Thursday, and weekend surprises


In a weather twist, weak high pressure is currently impacting our region, setting the stage for a series of atmospheric changes in the coming days. Brace yourselves as we delve into the details of this meteorological journey.

As of today, anticipate mostly clear skies with a gradual increase in high clouds later on. Winds will play a dynamic role, shifting between northeast and southeast directions, reaching a moderate 3 to 4 Beaufort.

Coastal regions might experience local southwest winds, creating a diverse wind pattern. The sea, while initially a bit turbulent, is expected to calm gradually towards the east. Temperature-wise, expect a rise to around 21 degrees inland and on the coast, with the highest mountains hovering around 10 degrees.

Tonight, the weather takes a turn towards mostly cloudy conditions with the presence of high clouds and an increase in average cloudiness. Winds will continue their dance, blowing from the northeast to southeast and occasionally variable, maintaining a 3 Beaufort level. The sea will retain a slight turbulence, with localized turbulence towards the east.

Temperatures will cool, settling around 9 degrees inland, 12 degrees on the north coast, 13 degrees on the rest of the coast, and a crisp 6 degrees in the highest mountains.

Thursday promises a mostly cloudy day with scattered rains emerging in the afternoon, intensifying into the evening with local showers and occasional storms.

As we progress towards the end of the week, Friday brings mostly cloudy conditions with anticipated sporadic rains, particularly in the western half and north, coupled with the possibility of isolated storms. Saturday follows suit, with intermittent rains, primarily in the western region of the island.

Despite a slight temperature dip on Thursday, overall, we can expect conditions to hover slightly above average climatic values, with no significant changes anticipated through Saturday. Stay weather-wise as the atmospheric plot thickens in the days ahead.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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