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High-tech centers personalizes scans with AI

Innovative testing centers transform healthcare


Diagnostic tests are a crucial factor in seeking medical care as they provide doctors with a well-informed view of the patient's condition. Often, doctors request a combination of laboratory tests (blood, urine, or other biological samples) and imaging tests (ultrasounds, X-rays, MRI, CT scans, etc.). This can lead to additional burdens on the patient, such as extra travel, multiple appointments, or anxiety in their effort to find a diagnosis.

For this purpose, the concept of multidisciplinary diagnostic centers has been operational in Europe for decades. These centers house clinical laboratories and imaging facilities outside of the hospital environment, making it easier for those in need or desire of simultaneous lab or diagnostic tests. These are like one-stop spaces designed and equipped to provide upgraded primary healthcare services, significantly contributing to optimal diagnosis while minimizing the strain on patients from unnecessary travel.

The first integrated Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Center in Europe was established in Athens in 1986 by Evangelos Spanos, the founder of the BIOIATRIKI Group. It was pioneering for its time, providing access to a separate aesthetically pleasing space with laboratories, ultrasounds, MRI, and more. This was during an era when labs were confined to small spaces. Today, the BIOIATRIKI Group operates 52 autonomous Diagnostic Centers in Greece and Cyprus. Since 2020, they have introduced the concept of Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Centers to Cyprus, establishing the first center in Nicosia.

At the BIOIATRIKI Group's Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Center in the capital city, comprehensive radiodiagnostic and clinical laboratory services are offered. It features state-of-the-art and innovative equipment, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and software with personalized radiation protocols based on factors like age and gender. Additionally, it houses the country's most modern fully automated clinical laboratory, where all processes for sample collection and analysis are carried out robotically. Visitors even have the opportunity to visually observe the entire process. The Multidisciplinary Center is also distinguished by its high aesthetic standards. Its design and decoration resemble more of a hotel-like environment than a diagnostic facility, making the often stressful examination process easier to handle.

With its own established audience, welcoming over 200,000 visitors annually, the Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Center is just the beginning of the institution's establishment in Cyprus. The BIOIATRIKI Group plans to create similar centers in other cities, continuously upgrading provided services with easily accessible innovative tools for everyone. This brings to life the perspective expressed by the institution's founder, Evangelos Spanos, in an interview before his passing in 2020: "Medicine isn't practiced through acoustics; it requires investment and advanced technology."

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