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Hollywood studio enforces mask mandates amid rising COVID-19 cases

Lionsgate is requiring medical grade masks for employees in response to Covid surge in Los Angeles

Source: The Hill

Hollywood studio Lionsgate is returning to mask mandates for many of its employees amid rising COVID-19 cases reported in Los Angeles.

In an internal email obtained by Deadline, the response manager for Lionsgate/Starz Sommer McElroy said that employees at its flagship office in Santa Monica will be required to wear a medical-grade face covering, such as a surgical mask or a KN95 or N95 mask.

Employees must wear the mask unless they are alone in an office with the door closed, actively eating, actively drinking in their work area, or if they are the only individual present in a large open workspace, according to the emailed memo.

Studio employees must also perform a daily self-screening prior to coming to the office. If the employee is showing symptoms of COVID-19, they are required to stay home and notify McElroy. They must also stay home if they have traveled internationally in the last 10 days.

The memo comes amid rising cases in Los Angeles in recent weeks. Last month, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health reported “small increases in COVID-19 indicators.”

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