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Huge uptake in Cyprus for electric cars

Electric vehicles to be 100% of new car resgistrations by 2035, according to the national target

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

Cyprus’ Ministry of Transport has received more than 4,600 applications by private citizens and transportation professionals hoping to acquire an electric vehicle that is subsidized by the state, the government has announced.

Over the period from December 20, 2021 to January 3, 2022, there were 4,613 applications for participation in the funding program of 8 million euros – the first phase. Of those, the vast majority, or 3,396 applicants, are vying for 360 private electric cars, according to the announcement.

The subsidy scheme forms part of the Cypriot government’s plan for a gradual transition to greener transport and sustainable mobility with the reduction of the environmental footprint of transportation. The national target is for 25% of new car registrations to be for electric vehicles by 2030, rising to 100% by 2035. The huge response to the invitation for applications is seen as a sign that the target is feasible, the ministry commented.

The assessment of the applications will begin in the next few days so that the lucky applicants can be notified about the result of the process. They will then have two months to produce proof of purchase.

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