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Hunters fined for illegal weapons and bird call device in Paphos

Thera Fund imposes penalties on offenders following Paphos police intervention


In a recent enforcement operation, three hunters faced fines from the Thera Fund on Sunday for the unlawful transportation of an assembled shotgun and the use of a device producing imitation bird calls.

Paphos Police Department's press spokesman and Head, Michalis Nicolaou, reported that members of the Paphos Thera Fund, on patrol in the Kouklion area on Sunday morning, intercepted a suspicious vehicle driven by a 52-year-old man. Upon inspection, it was discovered that the individual was carrying an assembled shotgun in the vehicle, resulting in the issuance of a 150-euro out-of-court fine.

Additionally, in the same region, two individuals aged 39 and 42 were found utilizing a device producing imitation wild bird calls while hunting. The Thera Fund imposed out-of-court fines of €500 each against these offenders.

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