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Iconic Pavlidis Mansion lost to devastating fire

A historic tragedy - The demise of a landmark and the call for city preservation

Apostolos Kouroupakis

Apostolos Kouroupakis

Another historic building in Limassol succumbed to flames on Wednesday morning in the city center. As per the Fire Service reports, the fire ravaged the second floor entirely, causing extensive damage to the first floor.

This residence, once owned by the affluent family of Paul Pavlidis and his wife Kristallia Pavlidou, held significant importance as a local landmark.Preserving the city's cultural heritage and architectural identity must be an absolute priority for municipal authorities. While cities transform, those honoring their past also lay the foundation for a sustainable future. Unfortunately, Limassol appears to be neglecting its roots, transforming into a shapeless, high-target urban landscape.Photo: Limassol Historical Archive

Pavlos Pavlides, born in Limassol in 1897 and passing away in 1977 in Monte Carlo, studied Commerce in Lausanne and London, dedicating his professional life to Limassol. A member of the Advisory Board and the Executive Council, Pavlos Pavlidis also represented Cyprus in the delegation at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth.

His wife, Kristallia, hailed from the Gavrielides family of landowners. The couple, Paul and Kristallia Pavlidis, generously donated 6 acres of land and £10,000 to the Limassol Municipality for constructing a Center for Retarded Adults, as it was known then. Kristallia Pavlidou served as the treasurer of the Association of Friends of the Center for the Prevention of Mental Retardation.

[This article was translated from its Greek original and edited for brevity and clarity]

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