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Inferno engulfs Agios Syla industrial zone forcing evacuations

Agios Syla blaze escalates beyond control, prompting massive response from firefighters and aerial support


A fierce fire erupted Thursday afternoon in the industrial district of Agios Syla, escalating beyond containment. According to Andreas Kettis, spokesperson for the Fire Service, the blaze is rapidly advancing towards the industrial zone, prompting urgent evacuation orders for nearby factories.

Efforts to quell the inferno are focused on the northwestern front, where firefighting crews are battling to halt its progress toward the industrial sector. Responding to the crisis, a total of 24 fire engines have been deployed, including 13 from the Fire Service, 2 from Forestry, 1 from the British Bases, and 1 from the Provincial Administration. Additionally, 7 portable firefighting units, consisting of 4 from organized volunteer groups, 1 from the Ministry of Thera, and 2 from Civil Defence, have been mobilized across all affected regions.

Aerial support has been enlisted, with aircraft from the Forestry Department and 3 helicopters from the Bases aiding in the firefighting efforts. Meanwhile, on the ground, earth movers and excavators are laboring to carve out firebreaks in a bid to contain the spread.

In response to the escalating crisis, the Fire Department has initiated a recall of personnel, with a forward control center established in the vicinity. Deputy Chief of the Fire Department, D. Katsiflis, is on-site overseeing coordination efforts amidst the unfolding emergency.

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