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Nautical club hosts 1st international water polo tournament in Larnaca

Six international water polo teams will compete at Larnaca's Olympic swimming pool starting May 10th

Source: CNA

Larnaca Olympic Swimming Pool will host the 1st “Petrolina” Nautical Club’s International Water Polo tournament to take place on May 10-12, attracting six teams from Greece and Cyprus.

According to a press release, Vasilis Kefalas, coach of the Larnaca Bulls, the water polo team of the Larnaca Nautical Club said the tournament constitutes the culmination of a three-year effort.

He added that three teams from Greece, two from Cyprus and the Club’s water polo team will take part in the tournament.

On his part, Andreas Viras, Mayor of Larnaca said the Municipality supports all sports and particularly assists those in need of promotion.

It is no coincidence that the Municipality and our city organizes the most sports events in Cyprus, he said, adding that we invest in sports tourism and our youth.

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