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Inside Cyprus's smart policing system - What it really checks

Christos Andreou's vision for safer roadblocks

By Marios Christofi

An intelligent policing system (A.N.P.R.) has been deployed at all roadblocks under the Republic of Cyprus's control to swiftly check drivers and detect any irregularities.

According to Police Spokesman Christos Andreou, the system captures license plates of vehicles passing through occupied areas, checking for offenses related to registration, safety, MOT compliance, and potential vehicle theft.

The system also conducts checks on registered owners for outstanding police or European Union arrest warrants and fines.

When asked about expanding the system to other locations in Cyprus, Mr. Andreou mentioned, "Currently, it covers a large area, given its presence in numerous patrol cars nationwide."

Notably, the A.N.P.R. system has been in use in police patrol cars since 2016.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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