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Rollercoaster weather ride this week

Highs, lows, and atmospheric intrigue


In a meteorological dance, weak high pressure takes a brief stage, but brace yourself for the gradual arrival of low pressure starting Friday. Dusty interludes in the atmosphere are expected from Wednesday onwards.

Mostly clear skies with occasional high clouds. Winds play a whimsical tune, starting northwest to northeast and later dancing southeast to southwest.

Light breezes of 3 Beaufort, occasionally cranking up to a moderate 4 Beaufort. The sea joins the act, a bit choppy but calming in the south and east.

Temperatures take center stage, reaching around 23 degrees inland, with coastal areas at 22 degrees and cooler at 12 degrees in the lofty mountains.

Mostly clear, with patchy high clouds. A local twist as the west and northern coast might catch some low clouds.

Winds continue their performance, shifting from northeast to southeast, light at 3 Beaufort, occasionally turning up to a moderate 4 Beaufort.

The sea, like a supporting actor, transitions from calm to a little rough, especially in the east and north.

Temperatures take a nocturnal dip to around 10 degrees inland, 13 degrees on the coast, and a cool 5 degrees up in the mountains.

On Wednesday, expect mostly clear skies, but keep an eye out for increasing high clouds at times.

Looking ahead to Thursday and Friday, there will be mainly clear weather with occasional high clouds, especially in the afternoon. Temperatures gradually rise, giving a warm hug above average for the season.

Buckle up for a weather journey with highs, lows, and a sprinkle of dust – your week's forecast in a nutshell!

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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