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Iran strikes Israel with 100 drones and missiles

''We will defend ourselves,'' says Netanyahu


Iran fired multiple drones and cruise missiles towards Israel, heightening concerns of a broader conflict in the region. The Israeli military disclosed the attack, emphasizing that it would take several hours for the weapons to reach their targets.

According to a report on The Independent, Iran's Revolutionary Guards confirmed the strike, naming it 'Operation True Promise' and launching missiles at specific Israeli targets. Neighboring Jordan declared a state of emergency in response.

Israel's Channel 12 TV reported approximately 100 drones and cruise missiles launched by Iran, with some intercepted over Syria or Jordan.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened the War Cabinet, assuring readiness for any scenario defensively and offensively.

Several neighboring countries closed their airspaces, including Lebanon and Jordan. Syria heightened defenses around Damascus and major bases, anticipating potential Israeli retaliation.

The escalation follows heightened tensions after Israel's recent actions in Gaza and a strike in Damascus killing Iranian officers, which Israel neither confirmed nor denied.

US President Joe Biden cut short his plans to confer with national security advisers amid warnings of a potential Iranian attack on Israel.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards seized a cargo ship in the Strait of Hormuz, claiming links to Israel, as Jordan closed its airspace as a precaution.

The IDF confirmed Netanyahu's airborne plane for operational reasons and assured readiness to intercept threats entering Israeli airspace. Close collaboration with the US and regional partners is ongoing to address the situation.

[With information sourced from The Independent]

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