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Israel and Cyprus to speed up plan for Gaza aid

Cyprus ready for humanitarian aid route to Gaza


In a diplomatic endeavor set against the backdrop of Cyprus, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen embarked on a working visit to discuss a groundbreaking initiative aimed at expediting the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

The initiative, known as the Amalthea project, proposes the creation of a dedicated corridor through the Republic of Cyprus for the efficient transfer of essential supplies.

During the visit, Cohen engaged in discussions with his Cypriot counterpart, Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos, who expressed Cyprus's full readiness to implement the initiative. Kombos eagerly conveyed to Cohen that Cyprus was awaiting the "green light" to initiate the first journey through the envisioned corridor.

The gravity of the discussions escalated as the ministers, accompanied by technical teams, convened at the Search and Rescue Coordination Centre in Larnaca.

In this strategic setting, they meticulously examined the intricate details of the Amalthea project, addressing logistical challenges and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the operational aspects.

Following the deliberations, Cohen underscored Israel's collaborative efforts with other regional partners, emphasizing the collective pursuit of establishing a secure sea corridor.

The primary objective is to expedite the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza, emphasizing the urgency of a streamlined and efficient process.

This diplomatic commitment not only reflects a bilateral collaboration between Israel and Cyprus but also signifies a broader regional initiative to address the pressing humanitarian needs in Gaza.

The meticulous planning and technical discussions at the Search and Rescue Coordination Centre underscore the concerted efforts to overcome logistical hurdles, ensuring the swift and safe passage of essential supplies to alleviate the challenging conditions in Gaza.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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