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Cyprus unveils sweeping measures to curb stadium violence

Justice Minister announces alcohol and dug tests, extended bans, and enhanced security to address sports venue disorder


Justice Minister Anna Koukkides-Procopiou unveiled a series of measures aimed at addressing violence in stadiums following a Council of Ministers meeting. Key among these measures is the proposal to implement alcohol and drug tests prior to entry into sports venues.

The minister stated that legislative changes would be pursued to permit closed-circuit monitors' access to any sports venue hosting international or local competitions. She requested a one-year grace period for stadiums and clubs to adjust to the new regulations.

The objective is to enhance police presence at sports venues by implementing measures for individuals entering, including:

1. Heightened scrutiny
2. Detection and confiscation of illegal and dangerous items
3. Authorization for alcohol and drug testing

Simultaneously, the minister announced an extension of the exclusion period from sports events for individuals with convictions, with escalating durations for first, second, and third offenses.

For severe infractions, stadium bans could extend up to 10 years. The fan card system will undergo more robust police checks, and a stricter approach will be adopted for match conduct, triggered by the Chief of Police's concerns, with measures ranging from:

1. Recommendation for fan movement restrictions
2. Matches played behind closed doors
3. Match cancellation in the presence of credible information.

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