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Life expectancy in Cyprus drops amid COVID turbulence

Cyprus life expectancy falls, women outlive men


Life expectancy in Cyprus took a hit, decreasing by a year, reveals the latest European Commission health profile.

As Philenews reports, the COVID-19 pandemic played a major role, impacting the elderly population the most. From 82.4 years in 2020, life expectancy dropped to 81.3 years in 2021, with a partial recovery to 81.7 years in 2022, surpassing the EU average.

Notably, Cypriot women outlive men by nearly four years. The report underlines that despite challenges, the gender gap in life expectancy is narrower compared to other EU countries.

Examining causes of death, circulatory system diseases (25%) and cancer (22%) retained the lead. COVID-19 emerged as a significant contributor, responsible for 8.4% of deaths in 2021, marking a notable increase from 2% in 2020.

Data analysis also revealed a surge in excess deaths in 2020 (13%), 2021 (23%), and 2022 (25%) compared to the previous five years. The report suggests potential links to underreported COVID-19 fatalities or disruptions in healthcare services during the pandemic.

Official Ministry of Health data in Cyprus highlighted the pandemic's impact, with 619 deaths recorded in 2021, a stark increase from 132 in 2020. The average age of those succumbing to COVID-19 was around 80 years.

[With information sourced from Philenews]

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